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Our studio philosophy is to utilize the best microphones, pre-amps, compressors and amps to create quality sounds before the digital realm. The best of analog recording and digital editing will bring your music to life in the hands of our experienced engineers.
Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.
  • Mixing is done largely in the box using ProTools 10.8.

  • ProTools HD3

  • Broadcast quality 1/4" tape for special effects and finalizing.

  • Pre-Amps include:

    • SSL, Universal Audio, Millennia, Daking, Great River, Lindell Audio, Warm, Five Fish Audio, ADL, McCurdy

  • Compressors include:

    • Urei 1176, Warm Audio, Lindell Audio, SSL, DBX900 Series, Universal Audio, RCA, Daking, Valley International, Anamod, Retro Instruments, Smart Research

  • EQs include:

    • Tube-Tech, Warm Audio, Lindell Audio, Klark, White Audio, Radial, Tonelux, SSL

  • Vocal Mics

    • Vintage Neumann U67

    • Rode Classic 2

  • Instrument Mics

    • Vintage AKG, Shure and Sennheiser

    • Small and large diaphragm tube mics

    • Large format ribbon

    • Standard dynamics

  • Hammond B3 Organ with Leslie 122RV

  • Hammond S6 Chord Organ

  • Yamaha P150 Keys

  • A variety of acoustic and electric guitars and amps

  • Adams A7

  • Mackie HR824

  • 10" sub

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