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Our People

Derek Pulliam - Owner/Producer

  • 30 years experience as a musician, music director and session player

  • 15 years studio engineering

    • 30+ full-length/EP projects produced, engineered and mixed

  • Current musical projects include:

    • T. Buckley Trio, Mark Sadlier Brown Band, Tom Olsen and The Wreckage, Louisiana Hayride

  • Songwriter

John Heals - Owner TubeMan Productions

  • 40+ years experience as a musician and session player

  • 30 years experience in Calgary as L&M Salesman

  • 30 years experience engineering, mixing and mastering

  • Access to Calgary's most prolific recording studios

Dustin Symes - Owner/Technical Engineer

  • Qualified ProTools operator and repair technician

  • Master Electrician and Electrical Designer

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